Baby Sleep Trainer for webOS

Product Details
Train your baby to sleep through the night with the TealBaby Sleep Trainer. A progressive interval timer with a built in logging function, the TealBaby Sleep Trainer is designed to assist in the various flavors of the Ferber method, where a child is laid down to sleep and periodically visited in ever-increasing intervals to encourage self-soothing. Features include user-selectable interval times, popup alarm, and a built-in logging function so you can graphically monitor your child's progress from session to session.

  • Progressive sleep timer
  • Popup alarm
  • Adjustable intervals
  • Automatic sleep logging
Screenshot1- TealBaby   Screenshot2- TealBaby
Screenshot3- TealBaby   Screenshot4- TealBaby
TealBaby retails for $1.99, and is available exclusively for direct device purchase from the Palm App Catalog.

For more information, visit the TealBaby page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softbaby.htm, or contact support@tealpoint.com.

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