Write Better with Digital "Ink"

Product Details
Improve your Graffiti text input speed and accuracy, seeing what you write with TealEcho digital "ink". An invaluable Graffiti enhancement, TealEcho lets you see your actual stroke on handhelds that have a permanent Graffiti writing area that is not part of the display.

The visual feedback make writing much more natural, and helps to vastly improve both writing speed and accuracy, preventing frustration from repeatedly writing letters that seem to be unrecognized for no apparent reason. TealEcho is PalmOS 5 compatible.

Note: TealEcho does NOT add Graffiti support for devices (like the Treo650) that are missing a text-writing system altogether. For those handhelds, we recommend our other product TealScript.

  • On-screen ink preview
  • Optional thick line
  • Optional starting dot
  • Optional border frame
  • Custom ink color
  • Custom background color
  • Custom frame color
  • PalmOS 5 compatible
Screenshot1- TealEcho   Screenshot2- TealEcho
TealEcho retails for $7.95. Availability is immediate on the TealPoint Software web site at www.tealpoint.com. Site licenses for 50 or more units are also available. To download a free trial copy, visit the TealEcho page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softecho.htm, or for more information contact support@tealpoint.com.
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