TealLevel Flight, RV, and Bubble Gauge

Product Details
Taking utility to a whole new level, TealLevel includes unique and invaluable features never seen before in a leveling app. Of course, your normal bubble-style levels are there, and you even get a choice of paired "T" style levels or a round bubble level with digital readout suitable for flat surfaces. However, TealLevel also includes a vehicle and RV leveler that calculates the necessary jacking or blocking heights for each tire. For flight enthusiasts, there is an artificial horizon (gyro) display, perfect for keeping that "in-the-air" feeling wherever you go. TealLevel is fully configurable, allowing full calibration so you can compensate for individual devices and cases. Best of all, there is a voice playback mode you can enable by turn your handheld upside down. In this orientation, your data is then read aloud to you, letting you take advantage of your phone's flattest surface at the same time.

  • Artificial Horizon
  • RV Leveler
  • Circle buggle
  • T-Bubble Level
  • Voice playback mode
Screenshot1- TealLevel   Screenshot2- TealLevel
Screenshot3- TealLevel   Screenshot4- TealLevel
TealLevel retails for $0.99, and is available exclusively for direct device purchase from the Palm App Catalog.

For more information, visit the TealLevel page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softlevl.htm, or contact support@tealpoint.com.

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