Launch your Apps Instantly

Product Details
Launch applications instantly with the TealLaunch pop-up launcher and button/stroke-mapping utility. TealLaunch lets you map applications to button presses and pen swipes so you can get to your apps quickly.

Applications and functions can be started either from a pop-up window, or from over 150 configurable button press combinations and pen strokes. Special features include desk accessory support, editing operations, HotSync, backlight, application bookmarking, and remapping of special contrast, jog dial, and back buttons. TealLaunch is PalmOS 5 compatible.

  • Configurable app list
  • Recently-visited app list
  • Configurable function buttons
  • Optional button-free view
  • Hardware button mapping
  • Hardware button-hold
  • Silkscreen button mapping
  • Palm 5-way navigation mapping
  • Contrast button mapping
  • Button press combos
  • Silkscreen-stroke mapping
  • Application launching
  • Desk accessory launching
  • Apps screen activation
  • Menu activation
  • Keyboard activation
  • Graffiti help activation
  • Cut/copy/paste
  • Screen contrast adjust
  • Screen brightness adjust
  • Screen backlight toggle
  • Screen inversion
  • System Lock and off
  • Local/modem HotSync
  • TealGlance activation
  • TealNotes activation
  • Pen calibration
  • Global find activation
  • Go to previous app
  • Bookmark current app
  • Virtual key codes
  • Menu Shortcuts
  • PalmOS 5 compatible
Screenshot1- TealLaunch   Screenshot2- TealLaunch
Screenshot3- TealLaunch   
TealLaunch retails for $7.95. Availability is immediate on the TealPoint Software web site at www.tealpoint.com. Site licenses for 50 or more units are also available. To download a free trial copy, visit the TealLaunch page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softlnch.htm, or for more information contact support@tealpoint.com.
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