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Save and recall your favorite restaurants with TealMeal, the personal restaurant database. With TealMeal's handy sorting and selection options, never ask "where to eat" again.

TealMeal stores all your favorite restaurant entries and sorts them by type and category. TealMeal supports multiple restaurant databases, and easy adding or modifying of entries on the handheld. Food categories and special fields allow quick filtering of restaurants by food type, and the "wheel of food" can randomly pick a restaurant from selected criteria when a decision is just too tough to reach. Large selection of free starter databases also available online. TealMeal is PalmOS 5 compatible.

  • Multiple databases
  • Custom food types
  • Custom special flags
  • Editing on handheld
  • Editing on desktop
  • Personal note field
  • Random restaurant picker
  • PalmOS 5 compatible
Screenshot1- TealMeal   Screenshot2- TealMeal
TealMeal retails for $7.95. Availability is immediate on the TealPoint Software web site at www.tealpoint.com. Site licenses for 50 or more units are also available. To download a free trial copy, visit the TealMeal page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softmeal.htm, or for more information contact support@tealpoint.com.
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