Task and Shopping List Manager for webOS

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List and organize your shopping, tasks, and errands with TealShopper, the supercharged list manager from TealPoint Software. With TealShopper, you can easily organize your entries with drag and drop categories in an attractive, intuitive interface.

To save time with commonly-purchased items, you can save them into a frequently-used items list and reload them at any time. Other tools let you flag important items, make copies of lists, and customize each list's appearance and categories. And to help plan your budget, you can even enter product quantities and prices, and have your total automatically calculated for you before you reach the checkout line. Lastly, with TealShopper's exclusive WebShare import and export service, you can easily transfer list to and from your PC for backup or printing.

  • Unlimited lists
  • Item categories
  • Notes
  • Prices
  • Quantities
  • Reminder flags
  • Total cost calculation
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Frequent items list
  • Sorting options
  • Custom page colors
  • Custom icons
Screenshot1- TealShopper   Screenshot2- TealShopper
Screenshot3- TealShopper   Screenshot4- TealShopper
TealShopper retails for $4.99, and is available exclusively for direct device purchase from the Palm App Catalog.

For more information, visit the TealShopper page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softshop.htm, or contact support@tealpoint.com.

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