TealEcho 2.35 (TealPoint Software)
by Stephen Cook

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TealEcho draws on the screen of your Palm the exact strokes you are making in the Graffiti area.  This makes it easier for you to see why the Palm may not be recognizing your Graffiti strokes correctly. 

I have been using a Palm (Pilot) since June 1996.  So you might wonder what I would need TealEcho for. 

Well, I have been using Graffiti for as long as I have had a Palm, yet I still have trouble with some characters.  The characters that cause me the most trouble are the question mark "?", and the "v".  Whenever I would try to Graffiti a question mark, I usually ended up with an equals sign "=" or a right round bracket ")".  The "v" often turned out to be a "y".  Out of 10 attempts, I could expect to get 0 or 1 correct.  This is a pretty bad average, considering most of my Graffiti is recognized correctly.  I typically get one character wrong out of every 25 or 30 Graffiti strokes entered.

Enter TealEcho.

TealEcho is a Hack.  This simply means it requires a System Extension program installed on your Palm.  There are a number of these programs available, including: Hackmaster, which  was the first system extension program available and is shareware; X-master, which is a newer freeware alternative; and TealMaster, TealPoint's non-expiring trial version of their own extensions manager, included in the distribution package of TealEcho.

TealEcho has ten configuration options of which I have only used a few.  One of these options is the ability to put a frame around the drawing on the screen.  Another option is to use a thicker line for the drawing on the screen.  Yet another option is the ability to use white ink for the drawing on the screen.  In the end, though, I have reverted to the default configuration.

Some time ago, I tried another program with similar functionality but had to delete it as the program constantly froze my Palm.  In using TealEcho for over a week, I have had no such problems.

I have to say TealEcho is a very stable and useful program and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his or her Graffiti recognition.

Oh, and just to let you know, my Palm's recognition of my Graffiti stroke for question marks "?" has improved to the point of about 8 or 9 correct out of every 10 attempts.

Reproduced with permission

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