TealLock 3.70 (TealPoint Software)
by Stephen Cook

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Earlier this spring a friend of mine brought me a Palm IIIc she had found.  She wanted to return it to the owner, but did not know how to find the owner. 

TealLock from TealPoint Software is an enhanced security application (very enhanced) for Personal Digital Assistants based on the Palm OS.  TealLock comes in two versions: the Corporate Edition, and the Consumer Version.  This review is of the consumer version.

The TealLock package comes with a number of files including the actual program file to be installed on your Palm, and the manual for TealLock in TealDoc format, so you can view the manual on your Palm.  The manual is also supplies in PDF format so you can view or print the manual from your PC. 

The program is a very configurable.  The range of options is truly amazing, and there is no way in this short review I can tell you about them all.  However I will tell you about a few of the ones I have used and/or looked at:

  • TealLock can lock your Palm any time it is turned off, at specific times, or during certain hours on certain days.  There is an option that during the lock process all "Private" items are hidden.  With this option activated you can be sure your “Private” records are always hidden from prying eyes. 

  • TealLock makes it possible to require the password to be entered to use the Palm or allow the Palm to be used without the entry of the password.  You can even set-up a guest password, to allow a friend or co-worker to access your palm.  The guest password has no access to “Private” records. 

  • The program can display a picture when locked or display some text.  I have set it up to display owner information.  This way if I ever loose my Palm, hopefully it can be returned to me quickly. 

  • TealLock uses a separate password from the built in security of the Palm OS.  However there is an option to keep the two passwords in sync.  After all, who needs another password to remember?  

  • One of the most amazing features is the ability to encrypt all built-in databases or selected databases.  The encryption algorithm utilizes 64-bit encrypted passwords.

Oh, and to finish the above story off, it took some detective work on my part, but I managed to return the Palm IIIc to the owner.  It sure would have been a lot easier if he had TealLock on his Palm!


Reproduced with permission

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