TealGlance User's Manual

Program Version 4.12

Last Updated: March 28, 2008

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Using the Program
   Main Program Activation
   Popup Hack Activation
Chapter 2 – Preferences
   Calendar Options
   Task Options
   Brainforest Options
   Popup Activation
   Key Guard
Appendix A – Troubleshooting
   Installing and Running
   Other questions
Appendix B – Compatibility
Appendix C – Revision History
Appendix D – Contact Info
Appendix E – Products
Appendix F – Registering
Appendix G – Legal Notice


Thank you for trying TealGlance. This application, popup reminder, and key-guard utility gives you a 'quick view' of all the information you need, including:

· Day of Week

· Date

· Time (Digital)

· Time (Analog)

· Battery Level Indicator

· Upcoming Datebook appointments

· Unchecked Top ToDo list items

TealGlance is fully configurable, providing options for adjusting delay time, ToDo category, display mode, and Time and Date format, and optional automatic backlight activation.


This archive contains the following files:

Program files:

TEALGLNC.PRC The TealGlance program file

GLNCHACK.PRC The TealGlanceHack system extension needed for optional automatic popup features

TEALMSTR.PRC TealMaster System Extensions Manager (demo)

SETUP.EXE Easy installer program (Windows only)

Document files:

GLNCDOC.PDF This document in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format

GLNCDOC.HTM This document in HTML format (sans images)

GLNCDOC.PRC This document in TealDoc format

REGISTER.HTM TealPoint Registration form in HTML format

REGISTER.TXT TealPoint Registration form in text format


On a Windows PC: Use quick setup installer by double clicking on the SETUP.EXE installer program, and following the on screen prompts.

On other systems: Use the Palm installer to install the program files TEALGLNC.PRC, GLNCHACK.PRC, and TEALMSTR.PRC. The Palm installer can be found as an icon on the left hand side of the Palm Desktop program. Instructions on how to use the PalmPilot installer are in the PalmPilot Handbook that came with your handheld device.

The TealGlance package contains two main components: the TealGlance main program and the TealGlanceHack system extension.

TealGlanceHack uses the Hackmaster-compatible Palm System Extensions standard. This is a safe and standard way to add and manage extended system functionality on PalmOS devices. While not required for basic functionality, TealGlanceHack adds automatic-popup capability to TealGlance that many people find essential.

When using any system extension, you need an extension manager. We’ve included the non-expiring trial version of our own extensions manager TealMaster, but you may use Hackmaster (shareware) or X-Master (freeware) as well.

NOTE: Under PalmOS 5 and higher, as of this date, you must use TealMaster, as other extensions managers have not been upgraded to be OS5-compatible.

Updating or Deleting TealGlanceHack

Before updating or deleting any system extension like TealGlanceHack, be sure to disable the application first in the TealMaster/Hackmaster control screen. If you fail to do so, your TealGlanceHack will not operate, and Hackmaster will get confused until you disable and re-enable TealGlanceHack a few times.

Chapter 1 – Using the Program


TealGlance Main Program

TealGlance comes in two components. The main program (TealGlance) is a standard application, which you launch from an icon in your device application launcher screen. You can run TealGlance at any time to get an information window that updates itself every minute. This can be particularly useful if you leave your device on during the day, charging on its cradle.

TealGlanceHack System Extension

The second component, TealGlanceHack, is a system extension (hack) that runs in the background to popup the TealGlance window when you turn on your device or call it manually.

To turn on TealGlance, simply click on the TealMaster icon in the applications launcher, and click on the checkmark next to the TealGlanceHack entry in the hacks list.

Once TealGlance is activated, you will be able to configure it to quickly and neatly display the information that fits your individual needs.

Main Program Activation

Launching by icon

Launch TealGlance normally by tapping on its icon in the application launcher screen. The TealGlance window will appear and stay on screen, updating itself once a minute until you return to the launcher or switch to another application.

Header Area

At the top of the window, the date time, and current battery level are displayed. The exact contents and layout are configurable in TealGlance Preferences, described in the next chapter.

Voicemail (New in 4.07)

If voicemail is available on your Treo 600/650 smartphone, a voicemail icon will appear in the right bottom corner of the header area. Tap it to dial your voicemail.

Data Area
Below the header area is the Data Area, which lists upcoming calendar events and tasklist entries.

Calendar (datebook) events appear in chronological order by start time, and are included up to an hour after start time (in case you're running late), or until the stop time has passed, whichever is latest. Tomorrow’s events are shown, if selected and there is room, after today's event separated by a horizontal line and enclosed in brackets.

Unchecked Task (ToDo) items in the selected category are shown sorted by priority. If you are using the Alt-ToDo feature, the current category can change depending on the time and day of the week. See options below for more info.

You may click on an entry to go to either the ToDo application or the Datebook application. You may also click on a checkmark box on the TealGlance screen to check-off a listed ToDo item, provided you are not activating TealGlance from within the ToDo application. When this occurs, TealGlance cannot change the item’s state because the ToDo application still keeps the database open for its own use.

Popup Hack Activation

Power-up activation

By default, TealGlanceHack is automatically configured to popup the TealGlance window when you turn on your handheld using the power button. The information window will pop up and then disappear after a configurable time limit.

Command-stroke activation

On devices with Graffiti writing support, you can popup TealGlance manually, by entering a two “command strokes” in quick succession. A “command” stroke consists of a stroke from the lower left to the upper right normally used to bring up the menu command bar.

Freezing the window
If the window is configured to automatically close, a clock icon will appear in the upper left corner of the window. Tap on this icon to stop the timer and keep the window open until you manually dismiss it. When you stop the timer, the clock image will be replace with an “X” close icon.

Closing the window

To make the window disappear, just tap anywhere with the pen or press one of the buttons on the handheld, such as the 5-way select button. If you hold down the pen, TealGlance will stay on screen until you release it.


To configure TealGlance, either select the Preferences menu from within the TealGlance main program (not the popup window), or activate TealMaster and click on the plus (+) button next to TealGlanceHack. Here, you can adjust the format of the pop-up window, set the time it stays on screen, and adjust many other options.

Note: on a color handheld, the current version of Hackmaster does not display the (+) button correctly. TealMaster does not exhibit this problem.


To register TealGlance, select Register from the main TealGlance menu or tap on the “Please Register” text on the popup window. Enter the registration keywords you received after purchasing TealGlance.

Chapter 2 – Preferences

Adjust settings by choosing “Preferences” from withing the TealGlance main program or running TealMaster and clicking on the '+' key next to the TealGlanceHack listing.

The following options may be changed within this configuration screen.


General configurable display options include:

Clock type

Choose Analog, Digital, Compact, or None

Time Format

Format in which time appears

Date Format

Format in which date appears

Data List Items

Sets what to show in display area below time and date. Choices include calendar (datebook) entries or task list (to-do) items.

Bold Font

You can also optionally display data items using a bold font.

Calendar Options

Calendar (datebook) options include:

Show Yesterday’s events

With this option on, yesterday’s datebook items are shown above today's, with a line separating the two. (New in 4.10)

Show Tomorrow's events

With this option on, tomorrow's datebook items are shown below today's remaining ones, with a line separating the two.

Show Untimed events

With this option on, untimed events are shown in TealGlance.

Do full scan of datebook

By default, TealGlance assumes the datebook is sorted by date. The standard Palm applications guarantees this to be true. Unfortunately, many third-party conduits and hotsync replacement programs have bugs with scramble the Datebook, causing entries not to appear in TealGlance. Choosing this option forces TealGlance to look through the whole datebook each time, so it will find items even in a corrupt datebook database.

Debug: show any events

This options exists to aid in debugging the situation when no datebook items are shown. It instructs the program to display any calendar events it finds, regardless of their recorded date, and can help differentiate problems due to a corrupted database from a missing one.

Task Options

The following task list options are available:

Tasks due

Allows filtering of which ToDo items to show based on their due date:

Show All

Show ToDo items ignoring Due Date

Due Today

Only show items due Today or earlier

Due Sometime

Only show items with some (any) due date set

Today or Unset

Only show items due Today or without a due date set

Primary Categories

Sets the default categories of ToDo items to be shown. Up to two categories can be selected. If only one is needed, set them to be the same.

NOTE: Palm OS 2.0 (PalmPilot Personal and Professional) filters out empty ToDo categories from appearing in the settings menu. Because of this you will not be able to select a Category if it is empty. If this happens, just create a temporary ToDo entry to make the category appear.

Alt Categories

Sets the alternate categories of ToDo items to be shown during non-primary hours (by default 9am-6pm Monday through Friday).

Primary Beg Time

Sets start time for when the Primary ToDo category becomes valid.

Primary End Time

Sets end time for when the Primary ToDo category becomes invalid.

Primary ToDo Days

Selects days for which the Primary ToDo category is valid.

Brainforest Options

TealGlance offers support for using Ultrasoft Brainforest trees as sources for ToDo items. You can select up to two Brainforest trees to be scanned at any one time. Two can be set to supplement the Primary ToDo Categories and another two can be set to supplement the Alternate ToDo Categories. The entries are treated as standard ToDo entries, ignoring repeating and start dates.

Note that clicking on a Brainforest item will start Brainforest, but won't automatically take you directly to that item or tree due to differences between the standard applications' record-goto mechanism and Brainforest. The following options may be changed by pressing the 'Brainforest' button on the config screen.

Primary Trees #1 and #2

These are the two trees that can be used as sources for ToDo items during Primary ToDo hours.

Alternate Trees #1 and #2

These are the two trees that can be used as sources for ToDo items during Non-Primary ToDo hours.

Show root branches only

By default, TealGlance scans down a Brainforest tree from top down, reading all leaves of the tree. If you set this option, only items from the topmost level (Leftmost in Brainforest) get displayed.

Show before standard

If set Brainforest entries appear before standard ToDos instead of after them.

Show Memo leaves

Shows memo-type leaves in TealGlance. They appear in the ToDo list with a rectangular document icon instead of a checkbox.

Show ToDo leaves

Shows ToDo-type leaves in TealGlance. They appear the same as ToDo list items from the standard ToDoList application. If neither this nor the previous option is set, no Brainforest items will appear.

Popup Activation

TealGlance supports the following popup options are when TealGlanceHack is also installed and activated:

Open popup on:

Selects combinations of alternate ways to bring up TealGlance.

Power-up with power button:

When handheld is turned on with the standard power button

Power-up with application button:

Power up using the four hardware application buttons

Double-command stroke:

Doing the command Graffiti stroke (a slash from lower left to upper right) twice in quick succession. Only applies to devices with Graffiti writing support.

Close Popup Time

Time Popup window stays up before automatically closing. Set this option to “Never” to leave the window open until it is manually dismissed.

Disable when Locked

Set whether TealGlance is activated even if the handheld is locked.

Disable if off less than xxx mins

Doesn't come up if PDA is turned off less than a specified number of minutes

Disable after popup for xxx mins

Set a minimum time between pop-ups, regardless of the handheld's on/off state. After it's already been popped up, TealGlance won't automatically come up at power-up again unless the specified number of minutes has passed.

Stop timeout on 5-way select:

If this option is selected, a 5-way selection press will only stop a countdown timer but not immedately close the popup window. After the timer is stopped, a second press will close the window.

Key Guard

Use the following options to turn TealGlance into an advanced keyguard program.

Power Off after timeout

Turns off the handheld if TealGlance is activated at power-up and is allowed to time out without a button or pen press. This keeps the handheld from losing power from accidental button presses that wake up the handheld

HINT: When running in “KeyGuard” mode, the TealGlance popup window will say “KeyGuard On” instead of “TealGlance”. The normal way to unlock the keyguard is to press the 5-way select button, or entering a backspace character for devices without 5-way support.

Lockout 5-way arrows

Disables 5-way arrows from scrolling entries or dismissing the popup window while the countdown timer is running.

Lockout app buttons

Disables hardware application buttons from launching apps or dismissing the popup window while the countdown timer is running.

Lockout pen taps

Disables screen taps from selecting entries or dismissing the popup window while the countdown timer is running. There is one exception: tapping the timer icon to turn off the key guard is allowed even when this option is turned on.

Lockout launcher

Disables the launcher button from dismissing the popup window while the countdown timer is running.

Disable app <xxx>button

Use this feature to prevent power-up with specified application buttons. This is useful to prevent accidental power-up when application buttons tend to be pressed due to a snug-fitting carrying case. Note that this option supports the four hardware application buttons found on typical devices. On some devices, the buttons are remapped to other purposes but can still be locked out. For instance, on Treo Smart Phones, the first and fourth app buttons are used as phone and power buttons, which you probably do not want to accidentally disable.


The following options are available for advanced users.

Scan for nonstandard files

Some desktop synchronizing programs create datebook files with different names than the standard 'DatebookDB' database. Set this option to tell TealGlance to scan for these databases as well, especially if you are finding that datebook entries are not being shown.

Disable if stack below xxx bytes

As a background application, TealGlance hack requires some free stack memory to properly run. Sometimes, when running multiple background applications, hacks, or drivers, or when running certain “unfriendly” applications, not enough stack memory is available for TealGlance to run properly. This occurs in certain situations, such as when multiple alarms are left unanswered on older devices.

Use this option to keep TealGlance from coming up if it detects that not enough stack is available. By experimentation, TealGlance was found to require about 1500 bytes of stack to run properly on an otherwise blank device. You may want to increase this value if you experience crashes with other hacks running, or decrease it if TealGlance is not popping up when it should.

Launch Alternate Date App

Select and set this option to choose a Datebook replacement app to call when you click on a datebook item.

Launch Alternate ToDo App

Select and set this option to choose a To-Do List replacement app to call when you click on a ToDo item.

Toggle Backlight

Allows automatic activation of backlight (if available) at power-up either all the time or only between dusk and dawn. This option only works on older devices whose backlights can be turned off and whose normal state is off. Devices that “remember” their backlight state work differently and will typically toggle their backlight or bring up a brightness control if this option is turned on, neither of which is particularly useful.


On color devices, you can customize the colors used in drawing the popup window. A miniature preview of the popup window appears at the bottom of the screen.

Appendix A – Troubleshooting

Installing and Running

If you are having problems getting the program to run, be sure that you have installed all three files: TealMaster, TealGlance, and TealGlncHack. Refer to the manual that came with your handheld if you are unsure how to do this.

Afterwards, be sure to activate TealGlanceHack by running TealMaster and selecting the checkmark next to TealGlance. If it still does not work, try un-selecting and re-selecting the checkmark. If TealMaster has gotten confused because you either updated or deleted TealGlance without first deselecting it in TealMaster, the Palm will likely crash, but with no lingering side effects afterwards.

Lastly, check the TealGlance options in TealMaster ('+' key) to insure it is set up to activate by your desired choices.

NOTE: Older versions of TealGlance required the hack component but made the application optional. The current release reverses this, making the main application required and the hack an optional part. When upgrading from a copy earlier than version 4.0, delete both the main program and hack before installing the new version.

Other questions

It doesn't work properly with Fitaly Keyboard

Make sure TealGlanceHack appears above Fitaly Keyboard in Hackmaster's list of hacks or if in TealMaster, TealGlance is given higher (lower number) priority. Do this by deactivating and reactivating TealGlance. Also make sure you have the latest TealGlance.

It doesn't work properly with DateBk3 alarms

Make sure you are running version 3.0 or newer of Datebk3. This new version reportedly reduces stack usage, making it much more compatible with hacks like TealGlance.

I deleted it and it still comes up

As noted in the documentation, before deleting TealGlanceHack or any system extension, you must first turn off the program in TealMaster. If you forgot, you'll need to restart the PalmPilot using the pinhole in the back.

TealGlance still doesn't come up at power-on

Are you running PowerHack? Make sure TealGlanceHack appears first in the Hackmaster list by deactivating and reactivating it, or set TealGlance a higher priority if running TealMaster.

My datebook events aren't showing

TealGlance only shows upcoming events, not those that have expired, and will show as many as will fit, unless you have TealGlance setup to show To-Do items as well. If this is the case, it will stop at half screen. When you register, the space behind the 'Please Register' box will also become available.

I checked. They still aren't showing

If you are running Groupwise/Syncwise (or similar sync/datebook replacement), this program appears to have a bug that mis-sorts the datebook database, rendering some items invisible. To check, download dbScan from http://www.gorilla-haven.org/pimlico, which can be used to check the datebook database's integrity. TealGlance 2.62 added a feature that assumes a damaged database and does a full scan of the database each time. TealGlance 2.83 added a feature to skip over damaged records in the database instead of aborting when it encounters one.

I'm running Easysync. Is that a problem?

It appears to be. The Easysync package seems to rename the datebook database so TealGlance can't find it. Try setting the "scan for alternate files" options in the advanced options screen.

Can TealGlance's screen scroll?

Not yet, as it was intended to just preview the next thing coming up. We may add this in a future version.

I hot-synced a new version and it crashed

As noted in the documentation, before hot-syncing a new version, you must turn off the program in Hackmaster/TealMaster.

Help. TealGlance locks up.

Check to see what other applications are running. There are known incompatibilities with CheckIn and GlowHack. You should no longer need GlowHack, as TealGlance has options to provide GlowHack functionality. We are currently also looking into possible interactions with Snoozehack and 'memoplus' alarms.

Can TealGlance show Franklin Ascend to-do items?

Not currently, as Franklin's data format is not public knowledge. We are currently exploring this possibility. The Franklin folks have contacted us, but have yet to prepare and send us a data specification so we can continue.

It crashes when I press the Register button. I am using EVPlugBase.

This is a bug in the Hackmaster replacement EVPlugBase. We recommend using Hackmaster or TealMaster instead until the EVPlugBase is fixed to accurately mirror Hackmaster's behavior.

TealGlance doesn't work with the Palm V button hack.

Use the power-up button disabling features in the Advanced config screen of TealGlance 2.80 or greater. These allow you to automatically turn off the Palm if it is accidentally turned on by one or more specified keys.

Appendix B – Compatibility

As we cannot control the style and robustness of other products, we cannot guarantee compatibility with PalmPilot applications beyond those included from Palm Computing. However, we try to resolve compatibility issues as best we can, working with other developers where possible.

TealGlance, like all system extensions, hook into the PalmPilot operating system in a way which may not be compatible with all other programs of this type, as all such programs must share limited system resources. If you experience unexpected behavior or crashes, always try disabling all other hacks to diagnose whether what you experience is the result of a conflict.

Palm V Button Hack

Use the TealGlance "disable power-on" features under the advanced menu instead to access some of the same functions.


The Pilot reportedly crashes upon pressing the 'Register' button when using this Hackmaster replacement. We recommend using Hackmaster or TealMaster instead until EVPlugBase is upgraded to fix this bug.


ReDo wakes up your Pilot at midnight to reschedule events. The new version of TealGlance ignores alarms at midnight to avoid coming up at this time. Set ReDo's wake time to midnight to best avoid a conflict.

Fitaly Keyboard

Fitaly Keyboard does some intense hacking of the Operating System to do its stuff. Be sure TealGlance appears *above* Check-In in the list of hacks in HackMaster. When you decactive (uncheck) and reactivate (check) a hack in the list, it's moved to the top of the list. In TealMaster, set TealGlance to a higher priority.


Known to crash when TealGlance is active.
Use TealGlance's backlight-activation option instead


Make sure you have an updated version of PowerHack. Version 0.95 reportedly fixes a previous conflict with TealGlance.

Franklin Ascend

No compatibility problems, but we're currently accessing the demand and viability of adding an option to list Ascend ToDo items instead of the standard PalmPilot ToDo application as a service to your customers who use Ascend.


Compatibility options have been added with TealGlance 3.0. Note that clicking on a Brainforest item won't take you directly to that item, however, due to differences between the standard applications' record-goto mechanism and Brainforest.


Check-In seems to have some compatibility problems with TealGlance. When using Check-In, be sure TealGlance appears below Check-In in the list of hacks in Hackmaster. When you deactivate (uncheck) and reactivate (check) a hack in the list, it's moved to the top of the list. In TealMaster, set TealGlance’s priority higher. Better yet, use TealLock instead of Check-In.


Make sure you have Datebk3 version 3.0 or newer, which greatly decreases stack uses for compatibility.


We believe this hot-sync application can corrupt the datebook database and do not recommend it for this reason. If you find datebook items are not appearing when they should, try selecting the "Do full scan of datebook" option under the details menu. If this works, download the freely downloadable program dbScan to check/fix corrupted datebook records.

Appendix C – Revision History

Version 4.12 – March 28, 2008

· Fixed to correctly detect power button on newer Palm handhelds

Version 4.11 – February 28, 2008

· Fixed auto power off if button pressed after popup on newer Treo/Centro devices

Version 4.10 – January 24, 2008

· Added option to show yesterday's datebook appointments

· Fixed non-responsive screen when operated in popup mode on some devices

Version 4.08 – May 23, 2006

Version 4.07 – May 19, 2006

Version 4.05 – April 26, 2006

Version 4.02 – March 19, 2006

Version 4.00 – March 15, 2006

Version 3.52 – May 10, 2005

Version 3.51 – January 17, 2005

Version 3.41 - April 15, 2003

Updates to Version 3.40 – October 4, 2002

· Fixed compatibility with PalmOS 5 and ARM-based handhelds (requires TealMaster 2.0)

Updates to Version 3.30 – March 8, 2001

· Fixed crash going to Todo Options screen under 3.5.2

Updates to Version 3.28 – August 17, 2000

· Added Color Icons for Palm IIIc

· Added Color display elements for Palm IIIc

· Fixed “Scan for alternate files” preferences item, which had previously had no effect

Appendix D – Contact Info

TealGlance by TealPoint Software

©1999-2008 All Rights Reserved.

TealPoint Software

454 Las Gallinas Ave #318

San Rafael, CA 94903-3618

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please visit us at www.tealpoint.com, or email us at contact@tealpoint.com.

Appendix E – Products

Products Visit us online for our complete product line, including:

SHORTCIRCUIT ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softshrt.htm )
A new twist on gameplay fused from your all time action puzzle favorite games, connect falling conduit pieces into explosive loops in this frantic race against the clock.

SUDOKUADDICT ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softsudo.htm )
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TEALAGENT ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softagnt.htm )
Get news, movie times, stock quotes, driving directions, web pages and more without need for a wireless connection. TealAgent fetches and formats web-based content for offline viewing.

TEALALIAS ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softalia.htm )
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TEALAUTO ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softauto.htm )
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TEALDOC ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softdoc.htm )
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TEALGLANCE ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softglnc.htm )
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Store your passwords, credit cards, PIN numbers, and bank accounts in the TealSafe data wallet. With maximum security and encryption, TealSafe is a must for features and security.

TEALSCAN ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softscan.htm )

Keep your PDA or Smartphone healthy, clean, and fast with TealScan, the system maintenance utility. Use TealScan to fix crashes, find updates, and keep your device running smoothly and efficiently.

TEALSCRIPT ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softscrp.htm )
TealScript adds Graffiti text input to Treo and Centro smart phones. For devices that already support Graffiti, TealScript adds a trainable system that supports both multi-stroke and Graffiti-1.

TEALTRACKER ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softtrac.htm )
Track time and expenses with a fast, easy to use interface that requires minimal effort. Generate reports and export data to a spreadsheet. TealTracker is your personal time clock.

TEALTOOLS ( http://www.tealpoint.com/softtool.htm )
Improve productivity with TealTools pop-up Palm Desk Accessories. TealTools includes a popup calculator, clock/stopwatch, preferences panel, editing panel, memopad, and a file/backup manager.

Appendix F – Registering

Registering allows you to use the program past the 30 day expiration period and turns off registration reminders.

Currently, you may register by snail mail or online with a credit card and a secured server from the store where you downloaded the software. For the first option, send the following information on a sheet of paper separate from your payment.

· Product Name

· E-Mail Address

· HotSync User ID (Pilot Name Required for Passkey generation. It can be found on the main screen of the HotSync application on the Pilot as "Welcome ________" or in the corner on a PalmIII or higher)

· Check (drawn off a US Bank) or Money Order for ($14.95 US). No international checks or money orders please.

Registration of your system extensions manager (such as TealMaster or Hackmaster) in not included, and must be purchased separately. TealMaster retails for $9.95.

Appendix G – Legal Notice

We at TealPoint Software are committed to providing quality, easy-to-use software. However, this product is provided without warranty and the user accepts full responsibility for any damages, consequential or otherwise, resulting from its use.

This archive is freely redistributable, provided it is made available only in its complete, unmodified form with no additional files and for noncommercial purposes only. Any other use must have prior written authorization from TealPoint Software.

Unauthorized commercial use includes, but is not limited to:

§ A product for sale.

§ Accompanying a product for sale.

§ Accompanying a magazine, book or other publication for sale.

§ Distribution with "Media", "Copying" or other incidental costs.

§ Available for download with access or download fees.

This program may be used on a trial basis for 30 days. The program will continue to function afterwards. However, if after this time you wish to continue using it, please register with us for the nominal fee listed in the program.

Thank you.



1. License. You are authorized to use the Software Product owned and developed by TealPoint Software, Inc. on a single hand-held computing device on a trial basis for thirty (30) days. If after 30 days you wish to continue using it, you are required to register with TealPoint and pay the specified fee. This license is not exclusive and may not be transferred. You may make one copy of the Software for back-up and archival purposes only.

2. Ownership. You acknowledge that the Software Product is the exclusive property of TealPoint Software, Inc, which owns all copyright, trade secret, patent and other proprietary rights in the Software Product.

3. Restrictions. You may NOT: (a) decompile or reverse engineer the Software Product; (b) copy (except as provided in 1 above) sell, distribute or commercially exploit the Software product; or (c) transfer, assign or sublicense this license.


5. Termination. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by destroying your copy(ies) of the Software Product. The Agreement will also terminate if you do not comply with any of its terms and conditions, at which time you are required to destroy your copy(ies) of the Software Product and cease all use.

6. Applicable Law. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California.