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New Movies

   Obama's Speech on Race
Miss Teen South Carolina
Best Commercial Ever
MilkGoneWild PSA
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New Folios

   i5 CPW Guide V1.80
US Holidays Ref
US Postage Calculator
MLB Postseason
UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, 2004
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New Docs

   G.A. Henty's Middle Ages series
CDC Bioterrorism Readiness Plan
Pulmonary Function Tests
Guide to Diabetes Insipidus
ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes
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New Dining Guides

   Palm Springs, CA
Modesto California
Columbus Metro
San Mateo Coastside
Western Mass. 1
Barcelona, Spain Restaurant Guide
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      Add-In Content Library

Welcome to our library of dining guides, documents, folios, movies, and pictures. Downloadable add-in content is in Palm-friendly format designed to be read from one of our software products.

Most of our content comes from you, our customers. If you have a useful or interesting original work in Palm format you'd like to share, submit it to us. The work must not infringe on someone else's copyright, and you agree to allow us to distribute it to others.

1. TealMovie Movies

Movies, sounds, trailers, and animations in TealMovie format.

Recent Additions
TealMovie Description Author Date
Obama's Speech on Race   Obama's Speech on Race: Barack Obama gives a deep and inspiring speech on race relations in the United States ...News 11-27-2008
Miss Teen South Carolina   Miss Teen South Carolina: Hilarious clip of Miss South Carolina losing her mind from the Miss Teen USA contest. ...News 11-27-2008
Best Commercial Ever   Best Commercial Ever: Winner of a Silver Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival of June 2003, ...Zazoo 03-10-2006
MilkGoneWild PSA   MilkGoneWild PSA: Designed by Crazy Dave's House of Ads and directed by Patrick Daughters, this funny but... PETA 03-10-2006
Boom!   Boom!: A silly little movie of a confusing spy. BJ INCS 11-23-2005
More Movies (128 in Library)....

2. TealInfo Folios

Reference guides, interactive documents, folios, and utilities in TealInfo format.

Recent Additions
TealInfo Folio Description Author Date
i5 CPW Guide V1.80   This guide lists the Commercial Processor Workload (CPW) performance... Marvin Booth 01-11-2008
US Holidays Ref   A folio listing standard U. S. holidays and events. Howard Wagner 01-11-2008
US Postage Calculator   A US postage calculator which calculates USPS First class, Priority... TealPoint Software 06-18-2007
MLB Postseason   Complete Major League Baseball postseason results 1903-2005. Updated to... Gordon Fuller 10-27-2005
UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, 2004   Selected HIV/AIDS indicators from the UNAIDS "Report on the Global... Sam Clark 01-07-2005
More Folios (310 in Library)...

3. TealDoc Documents

Documents, manuals, and stories in TealDoc format.

Recent Additions
TealDoc Document Description Author Date
G.A. Henty's Middle Ages series   A compilation of 8 of the 10 FULL TEXT BOOKS in G.A. Henty's Middle Ages series. G.A. Henty... G.A. Henty 06-30-2005
Hamlet   Written in 1601 and 1602, Hamlet follows the title character's moral struggle facing... William Shakespeare 01-15-2005
CDC Bioterrorism Readiness Plan   A Template of information, recommendations, and contact information for healthcare facilities.... US Centers for Disease Control 01-14-2005
Pulmonary Function Tests   Description, notes, and recommendations for various pulmonary function tests, including... K. Hsu 01-14-2005
Guide to Diabetes Insipidus   Review of clinical features, differential diagnosis & treatment of Diabetes Insipidus. Mark Goodarzi M.D. 01-14-2005
ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes   Listing of ICD-10 psychological diagnostic classification codes Unknown 01-14-2005
More Documents (122 in Library)....

4. TealMeal Dining Guides

Portable, editable domestic and international dining guides in TealMeal format.

Screenshot1- TealMeal
Recent Additions
TealMeal Dbase Location Author Date
PalmSpng   Palm Springs, CA Paul Roberts 03-15-2004
Modesto   Modesto California a. nonym 09-10-2003
Columbus   Columbus Metro Wayne Lam 07-01-2003
smcoastside   San Mateo Coastside JosephDP 06-08-2003
westmass   Western Mass. 1 Rob Barnett 04-29-2002
barcelon   Barcelona, Spain Restaurant Guide P Lankinen 04-29-2002
More Dining Guides (109 in Library)....

5. TealPaint Art Gallery

Sketches and masterpieces drawn in TealPaint.

More TealPaint Art (131 in Library)....

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