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Downloading and Installing

1) Downloading

Our software applications are all available for free trial download.

Click on the Try It or Download buttons next to a product description to download the installation file to your desktop computer. Windows Mobile apps may be downloaded directly to your device.

2) Unzipping (PalmOS)
PalmOS installation files are all in standard .ZIP compressed format. To uncompress them, we recommend using one of the following: Note: DO NOT USE Mac Unzip-it or FreeZip as both are known to mangle some PalmOS files.
3) Installing (PalmOS)
On a Windows PC, you can double-click on TPINSTALL.EXE to automatically install relevant files to your handheld.

On Mac and other desktops, use the Palm Installer (sometime called Quick Install) to install all the .prc and .pdb files to your handheld's main memory. If the Palm Desktop is installed properly, you can usually double-click on .prc and .pdb files to install them.

4) Installing (Windows Mobile)
Windows Mobile downloads are in .CAB (cabinet) format that can be directly downloaded and run on your handheld or Windows Mobile smartphone.

If you download them onto your PC, you'll have to transfer them to your handheld using ActiveSync and launch them on the handheld with the File Explorer:

1) Connect your handheld to your PC and Sync using ActiveSync
2) Click on the "explore" button in the ActiveSync window
3) A window will open showing the contents of the handheld
4) Drag the .CAB file into a convenient folder on the handheld
5) Launch File Explorer** (aka File Manager) on the handheld
6) Run the .CAB file to install the application

** On a few SmartPhones, File Explorer may not be present. On these, you may alternatively transfer the .CAB file directly into a specific start menu folder (such as \Storage\windows\Start Menu\Accessories) and launch them from the phone's start menu.

Still confused? Read our step-by-step instructions:
How to download, unzip, and install programs

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