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Ultimate Drawing and Painting

Paint, sketch, or draw with TealPaint, the all-in-one mobile graphics paint program and photo editor.

The ultimate paint and sketch program on mobile devices, TealPaint is unmatched in both performance and usability. All new TealPaint Version 7 sets a new standard in handheld image capabilities, offering features previously only available on a desktop. Features include high-res, 16-bit color and grayscale support, unlimited image size, six zoom levels, 25 drawing tools, 32 patterns, 49 brushes, layers, animation, GIF/JPEG/BMP import/export, and multiple levels of undo.

TealPaint 7 supports handy extras like a slideshow mode, programmable buttons, image compression, grid snap, image templates, pattern editor, custom toolbar buttons, keyboard shortcuts, and copy and paste support.

    TealPaint for WebOS  is available for $4.99 in the Palm App Catalog.
Version 7.3.5 submitted February 13, 2011
    Download TealPaint for PalmOS 7.36     
    Download TealPaint German for PalmOS 7.11     
    Download TealPaint (Legacy Version) for PalmOS 5.00     
TealPaint Handheld Key ($9.95)
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Already own TealPaint 5? Upgrade Here

TealPaint 6 customers can use their existing keys with TealPaint 7

Program Price
Program Version
Release Date
March 17, 2012

Screenshot1- TealPaint for WebOS
Screenshot1- TealPaint
Screenshot2- TealPaint
Screenshot3- TealPaint
Screenshot4- TealPaint

TealPaint Art
Art Gallery

See works of art from TealPaint users or share your own masterpieces in our TealPaint Art Gallery.

Clip Art Collections
Collections created and submitted by Kurt Spieldenner

TealPaint Clip Art Collection
Download PntClip1.zip. 1300 images on 41 screens.

TealPaint Clip Backgrounds Collection
Download PntBgnd1.zip. 35 screens of borders and backgrounds.

TealPaint Color Clip Art Collection
Download PntClip2.zip. New images in brilliant color

Visit our partner sites for more examples of unique and innovative uses of TealPaint. If you have a compelling commercial or educational application, email us to join our partnership program today.

pdaMD details an article by Dr. Howard S. Kotler, who used TealPaint to demo a PDA-based rhinoplasty operative database at the 6th Annual Rhinoplasty Society held in NY.
Zombie and Mummy is a weekly online comic by Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, drawn on a Palm III with TealPaint. Funny and touching, the monochrome drawings are embedded into a colorful and entertaining environment.
The Handsprings to Learning program at East Carolina University uses TealPaint and wireless handhelds to enhance the teaching and learning processes.
Tom Kemp of Twice Publishing is the creator of works such as 'analysis', an innovative large-scale painting created using TealPaint

Conversion Utilities
TealPaint Image Manager  Version 6.01.00 - January 19, 2007
The same Windows graphical conversion tool that comes in the TealPaint download.

PicUtil Macintosh  Version 6.00.01 - June 9, 2006
A mac-classic (OS9) command line utility to import and export TealPaint images for a Mac. Warning: interface is simple but definitely "non-Mac". (Note: we do not have an OSX-capable Mac)
PicUtil for PPC (stuffit format)
PicUtil for 68k (stuffit format)

A shareware product form Lemkesoft, GraphicConverter 4.0.1 for the Macintosh now supports importing images from TealPaint files. Available at www.lemkesoft.com.

Perl Converter
Created by one of our customers, tptobmp is a Perl script that exports TealPaint images to bmp files on a Macintosh or Unix. Created by KIMURA Kazushi.

Enhanced with special support for:
  PocketPCSoon   Palm PreYes   Palm PixiYes   WebOSYes
  PalmOS 3Yes   Palm Hi-resYes   Palm Full screenYes   Palm LandscapeYes
  PalmOS 4Yes   Sony Hi-resYes   Sony Full screenYes   Sony LandscapeYes
  PalmOS 5Yes   HandEra Hi-resYes   HandEra Full screenYes   Dana Wide screenYes
  5-Way NavYes   Jog DialYes   Samsung Full screenYes   SD/CF/MS cardsYes

Recent Updates:
    Version 7.36 - March 17, 2012
  • Added wand tool to select connected areas by color
  • Fixed flood fill tool to work in 16-bit mode
  • Fixed erase and fill menus to mark image as changed
    Version 7.3.5 (WebOS) - February 13, 2011
  • Added touchscreen adjustment to allow drawing coordinate to be offset from under finger tip
  • Added button mapping action to toggle grid snap
  • Added visual indicator to toolbar when grid snap enabled
  • Added visual indication on color selector when choosing transparent color on non-background layer
  • Improved (immensely) speed of drawing with larger brushes
  • Improved default color action/shortcut (d) to toggle between monochrome and last colors
  • Improved default pattern action/shortcut (D) to toggle between solid and last pattern
  • Fixed marquee dragging to correctly preview dragging to overlapped area
    Version 7.3.0 (WebOS) - December 12, 2010
  • Added new wand selection tool
    Version 7.2.0 (WebOS) - November 27, 2010
  • New version available for WebOS
    Version 7.11 (silent update) - June 27, 2008
  • Fixed support for SD card on ancient Handera 330 handhelds
    Version 7.11 - April 21, 2008
  • Added workaround for bug in TX to re-enable full screen mode icon in landscape mode after system mistakenly disables it
  • Added preference option to select 'Auto' mode for system fancy fonts (leaves buttons bold)
    Version 7.10 - November 14, 2007
  • Added automatic snapping of pen coordinates when drawing in magnified view to provide more accurate drawing preview.
  • Added new "scale" button to numerical coordinates screen to ease proportionally scaling image selections
  • Added new 'duplicate' menu to copy and paste current selection with scaling/shifting in one step
  • Added new improved visual style; skinny fonts and shaded buttons
  • Added preferences option to enable/disable new fancy (thinline) system fonts
  • Added support for high resolution button icon images on Sony CLIE handhelds
  • Fixed copy and paste to correctly copy very small selections
  • Fixed cursor positioning after dismissing popup tips in older PalmOS 3/4 devices
  • Fixed display of 1, 2, and 4-bit images on Palm LifeDrive and TX
  • Fixed display updating in landscape mode on Palm LifeDrive and TX
  • Fixed display updating restoring graffiti area on Palm LifeDrive and TX
  • Fixed line drawing preview to correctly show filled lines instead of wireframes on low resolution devices
  • Fixed low-resolution jpeg image previewing
  • Improved export menu to remember last export format, device, and path
    Version 7.02 - August 24, 2007
  • Fixed backwards slash brushes that were mistakenly all the same size
  • Fixed crash after playing image animation from image thumbnail screen
  • Fixed 5-way nav on font select screen
    Version 7.00 - July 24, 2007
  • Added arc tool
  • Added filled arc tool
  • Added blur tool
  • Added rubber stamp tool
  • Added lasso selector tool for selecting, moving, and processing effects on freehand and polygon regions
  • Added gradient fill effect with five shape options and translucent shading ('gradient fill' menu item)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for drawing tools (customize in 'buttons' menu item)
  • Added toolbar buttons for wide displays (customize in 'toolbar' menu item)
  • Added pattern editor (customize in 'patterns' menu item)
  • Added rotate canvas function ('rotate canvas' menu item)
  • Added larger brush sizes (now 49 total)
  • Added fill patterns (now 32 total)
  • Added support for FontBucket add-on fonts (FontBucket program and sample fonts now included in zip file)
  • Added preference option to locate undo/working buffers on SD card
  • Added tip screens explain confusing options
  • Added 'screen' button on canvas resize screen
  • Added ability to simultaneously resize images when importing
  • Added ability to directly open and edit raw image files (just tap on them) using automatic import/export to/from a temporary database
  • Added ability to abort image import operation
  • Improved undo/redo to restore previous marquee selections (lasso selections are not saved)
  • Improved image restore to automatically reload recovered images (if found) after reset/crash
  • Improved rotate-area effect to rotate around center of selection
  • Fixed format (depth) conversion to correctly handle multi-layer images
  • Fixed file list display to show size of last active database
  • Fixed drawing tools to align properly when drawing in zoomed out display modes
  • Fixed high resolution image previews to draw properly
  • Fixed circle tool when drawing very large circles to still be circular
  • Fixed crash merging layers on image less than 160 pixels wide
  • Fixed crash when drawing in odd-width images (not multiple of 8)
  • Fixed crash drawing immediately after resizing canvas down
  • Fixed realtime drawing preview when drawing circles or lines on devices that don't support direct screen access
  • Fixed ability to create files on Handspring Visor Memplug memory modules
  • Fixed UI element colors on PalmOS 3.1 devices
  • Fixed screen refreshing on PalmOS 3.x devices
  • Fixed importing of 32-bit BMP files
  • Fixed importing of Bitfield-encoded BMP files
  • Fixed importing of Paletted 1-bit and 4-bit BMP files
  • Fixed importing of RLE8-encoded BMP files
  • Fixed progress indicator when importing image files wider than 1000 pixels
  • Fixed image corruption when importing images wider than 1000 pixels
  • Fixed updating of display and toolbar after hiding/showing inactive layers

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