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The next best thing to webOS

More than just a visual skin, TealOS is a multi-functional application launcher that gives your time-honored handheld the exciting look and feel of the newest devices. Providing a powerful and intuitive way to organize your activities and work flow, it runs under PalmOS but simulates the card-based interface of webOS on the new Palm Pre. TealOS comes complete with support for thumbnail image cards, a translucent applications screen, customizable background images, customizable icons, a popup wave launcher, and a revolutionary new popup card wave. While keeping your existing phone and applications, it's the next best thing to a brand new phone.

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Release Date
January 3, 2012

Screenshot1- TealOS
Screenshot2- TealOS
Screenshot3- TealOS
Screenshot4- TealOS

Enhanced with special support for:
  PocketPCNo   Palm PreNo   Palm PixiNo   WebOSNo
  PalmOS 3No   Palm Hi-resYes   Palm Full screenYes   Palm LandscapeYes
  PalmOS 4No   Sony Hi-resNo   Sony Full screenNo   Sony LandscapeNo
  PalmOS 5Yes   HandEra Hi-resNo   HandEra Full screenNo   Dana Wide screenNo
  5-Way NavYes   Jog DialYes   Samsung Full screenNo   SD/CF/MS cardsYes

Recent Updates:
    Version 1.54 - March 30, 2009
  • Added option to set text color2 of launcher
  • Added option to set dividing line color of launcher
    Version 1.53 - March 29, 2009
  • Added option to set background color of launcher if using solid color option
  • Fixed refreshing of title tab text after tapping on battery/signal indicators if no center text set
    Version 1.52 - March 29, 2009
  • Added support for launching card-based app from card wave
  • Added support for launching card-based app from wave launcher
  • Added support for type-to-find apps on main screen
  • Added support from launching aliases from card wave (need TealAlias 1.26)
  • Added option to disable "alpha seek" on home
  • Added option to disable card unlocking with icon
  • Added option to disable wrapping of cards at ends
  • Added option to discard multiple cards in card wave without raising stylus/finger (throw each up)
  • Added option to hide cards (turn off wrap and drag offscreen)
  • Added option to hide quick launch bar only when launcher screen open
  • Added option to only map buttons while mapped to std launcher
  • Added option to activate after phone call
  • Added option to activate after unlocking
  • Added option to set background color in display prefs if background image disabled
  • Added option to show dot next to name of card-based apps in launcher
  • Added option to start app with cards hidden
  • Added option to start app with launcher screen open
  • Added option to turn off icon names on launcher screen
  • Added option to turn off transparency effect for launcher screen
  • Added new bg images to zip file
  • Improved battery indicator to show charging state
  • Improved card wave card to make it easier to discard and harder to accidentally discard wrong card
  • Improved card wave to highlight current card
  • Improved card wave to underline locked cards
  • Improved image import to only show .JPG files in file dialog
  • Improved launcher screen to show "center" text in title bar
  • Improved launcher screen to support attention indicator
  • Improved launcher screen to support multiple icons with same Creator ID (Sharklink)
  • Improved wave launcher icon placement to stay more on wave
  • Improved wave launcher icon placement on lores devices
  • Improved wave launcher icons from moving up past wave motion limit
  • Improved wave launcher thickness on lores devices
  • Improved delete screen to return to file selector after delete
  • Improved multi-discard animation by slowing speed
  • Improved option to re-enable standard launcher to not revert after reset
  • Improved wave launcher to flag movement as activity to keep awake
  • Fixed blank card from being created when leaving security
  • Fixed cards to draw lock icon in correct place in small screen cards shown in full screen mode
  • Fixed compatibility with [weather] key guard if woken by home button
  • Fixed compatibility with Fastlaunch duplicating characters when using type-to-find
  • Fixed crash importing JPEG images using progressive compression (added error message instead)
  • Fixed activation with home buttons when modal window is open
  • Fixed phone signal indicator to better match standard bars
  • Fixed launching of card-based apps to keep PalmOS from mangling file path
  • Fixed card 'lock all' and 'lock none' menus to save selection after leaving home screen
  • Fixed swipes at bottom screen border of T3 from selecting cards
    Version 1.35 - March 16, 2009
  • Added ability to choose category from drop down category pick-list
  • Added ability to import icon sets using TealPaint format image Databases
  • Added ability to manually select which hardware buttons to map to TealOS
  • Added ability to map any quick launch button to launcher screen
  • Added ability to preview background jpeg before loading
  • Added ability to skip background circle when importing icons
  • Added attention manager icon in corner if attention items present
  • Added low memory warnings and checks when memory or stack space is low
  • Added option to "show all files" in info, beam, and copy file dialogs
  • Added option to bring up wave inside TealOS home screen
  • Added option to co-mingle card icons amonst ram categories
  • Added option to customize title text/info
  • Added option to disable fancy (thin) system fonts
  • Added option to disable icon image processing
  • Added option to disable next/prev card swipe
  • Added option to disable phone signal level
  • Added option to display title bar in inverted colors (black on white)
  • Added option to hide 'all' category
  • Added option to hide launcher button (for super minimal display)
  • Added option to keep 'Quick Tour' and other apps that cheat icon sorted order at top
  • Added option to layout icons in compact (4x4) grid
  • Added option to make card exclusion list inclusive
  • Added option to remove grey background circle on Launcher Screen icons
  • Added option to remove grey background circle on Quick Launch Bar icons
  • Added option to remove grey background circle on Wave Launcher icons
  • Added option to select larger fonts for title bar text
  • Added option to set background handler priority (for wave compatibility)
  • Added option to set limit for number of cards kept
  • Added option to set start mode for wave launcher
  • Added option to show smaller, higher quality cards
  • Added option to show wifi level instead of phone
  • Added option to soft reset device via menu
  • Added option to specify start category for launcher screen
  • Added option to tap on battery icon for more info
  • Added option to tap signal icon for signal level
  • Added option to turn off animations
  • Added option to turn off quick launch bar
  • Added option to turn off rounded card corners.
  • Added option to turn off rounded corners
  • Added optional "locked on tracks" movement on Launcher Screen
  • Added support 'card wave' mode to select cards from wave launcher (change modes by swiping to top of screen)
  • Added support for apps stored on multiple SD cards or internal volumes
  • Added support for bluetooth icon
  • Added support for card based apps with filenames up to 35 characters long
  • Added support for creating/deleting folders in copy/move screen
  • Added support for customizing quick launch bar icons
  • Added support for customizing wave launcher icons
  • Added support for hiding signal icon when phone turned off
  • Added support for holding home button on devices that bring up history list
  • Added support for launching card-based apps from quick launch bar
  • Added support for locking cards, protecting them from discard
  • Added support for menu to delete all cards
  • Added support for more card exclusions (10)
  • Added support for mute icon
  • Added support for reopening app screen on resize
  • Added support for seeking to app when closed by typing letter
  • Added support for selecting card-based apps in all exclusion/inclusion lists
  • Added warning message if run from card
  • Improved "force full scan" to keep previous categories
  • Improved card auto-discard criteria to discard oldest cards
  • Improved card scaling to letterbox square screenshots on rectangular cards
  • Improved category drag to stay on tracks
  • Improved colors of processed icons
  • Improved default settings to find correct phone app on Treo 755p and Treo 680
  • Improved icon processing to more cleanly remove white background and blue ovals
  • Improved icon scan speed by sorting launcher icon databases
  • Improved icon to match webOS style
  • Improved launch of card based app to use card launch code
  • Improved Launcher Screen to auto-import launcher categories on initial install
  • Improved phone icon to update signal when radio turned on/off
  • Improved preference panels not to save as separate cards
  • Improved quick launch bar preferences to preview icon images
  • Improved signal bar calibration to better match standard display
  • Improved speed (reduce overhead) when other 'hede' handlers running
  • Improved stability by automatically disabling wave launcher and/or card creation when insufficient stack space
  • Improved wave preferences to preview icon images
  • Fixed ability to scroll to bottom row of icons in Launcher Screen of non-English devices
  • Fixed backwards space/bs swipes on app screen
  • Fixed card exclusion list to function correctly
  • Fixed card image capture in left handed landscape mode on TX
  • Fixed cards not being generated when list set to inclusive mode
  • Fixed compatibility of Launcher Screen with Tapwave Zodiac (no reload)
  • Fixed crash swiping right to left when no cards available
  • Fixed detection of localized dialer app name in non-English languages
  • Fixed dragging of cards in small mode to support moving multiple places
  • Fixed duplicatd icons on Launcher Screen
  • Fixed force scan function to work even if application screen was previously opened
  • Fixed icons to pull correct carrier-customized icon names for ROM-based apps
  • Fixed inability to power off when menu displayed
  • Fixed inability to power up backlight using Home button on Treo 650
  • Fixed incorrect labels/font in wave launcher (sci-calc)
  • Fixed launcher screen refresh after registering
  • Fixed 'Run Std Launcher' function on Zodiac
  • Fixed 'Run Std Launcher' to close launcher screen if open
  • Fixed std launcher from changing categories if pressing home button mapped to tealOS
  • Fixed support for apps like Quick Tour that launch non-application modules
  • Fixed support for finding apps on card with no icon resource
  • Fixed support for separately selecting apps with same display name in wave/quick launch
  • Fixed support for voicemail icon
  • Fixed voicemail icon from appearing when wi-fi signal level being displayed
    Version 1.06 - February 23, 2009
  • Added support for seeking to icon in launcher screen by entering first letter of app
  • Added new "force scan" menu to regenerate icon cache files
  • Fixed icon duplication from ROM apps that have been upgraded by new RAM version
  • Fixed icon scrolling bug which caused inconsistent icon positions and inability to scroll to list bottom
    Version 1.05 - February 21, 2009
  • Improved responsiveness of cards to allow dragging while in movement
  • Improved responsiveness of launcher screen to allow dragging while in movement
  • Improved card ordering mode to automatically scroll when finger/stylus held at screen edge
  • Improved registration nag screen to be less frequent
  • Fixed bug where category selection screen did not show all apps
  • Fixed compatibility with Treo650 power button
    Version 1.03 - February 21, 2009
  • Added ability to order cards using 5-way navigator control
  • Fixed crash accessing sd card when file exists with name longer than 40 characters
  • Fixed crash selecting card with 5-way control when in ordering mode
    Version 1.02 - February 20, 2009
  • Added ability to temporarily switch back to standard launcher (menu item)
  • Added ability to map wave or quick launch bar icons to system launcher or TealOS
  • Fixes menu from closing when opened with menu button
  • Fixed menu bar from closing when opened with menu button
  • Fixed graphic corruption or crash organizing cards on large screen devices
    Version 1.00 - February 19, 2009
  • Initial program release

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