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TealMeal U.S. Dining Guides

The following are TealMeal databases for restaurants in cities in the United States and territories.

Can't find your city?
Try TealAgent, our universal smart web-clipper, to download TealMeal databases from the web for any city in the USA.

San Francisco Bay Area

File Contents Author Date Link
smcoastside    San Mateo Coastside JosephDP 06-08-2003 Download
Berkeley    Berkeley, CA TealPoint Software - Download
MntnView    Mountain View, CA TealPoint Software - Download
RdwdCity    Redwood City, CA TealPoint Software - Download
SanFran    San Francisco, CA Restaurant Guide TealPoint Software 08-24-2000 Download
SanMateo    San Mateo, CA TealPoint Software - Download
SnRafael    San Rafael, CA TealPoint Software - Download
SntaClra    Santa Clara, CA TealPoint Software - Download
SntaCruz    Santa Cruz, CA TealPoint Software - Download
Sunyvale    Sunnyvale, CA TealPoint Software - Download
WntCreek    Walnut Creek, CA TealPoint Software - Download
SfBay    S.F. Bay Area, CA Roger P. Gebhardt - Download
SanFran2    Best of San Francisco, CA Restaurant Guide GTeach - Download

Western States

File Contents Author Date Link
Agoura    Agoura/Westalke Village CA Samuel Behar 02-01-2001 Download
Ketchum    Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID Tom Good 03-03-2000 Download
LaEstVly    LA East Valley, CA Ezra 04-08-2000 Download
LVegas    Las Vegas, NV Restaurant Guide TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
LA    Los Angeles, CA Restaurant Guide TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
OrangeCo    Orange County, CA Brian Glabman 09-28-2000 Download
Modesto    Modesto California a. nonym 09-10-2003 Download
PalmSpng    Palm Springs, CA Paul Roberts 03-15-2004 Download
ParkCity    Park City, UT Chris Barrilleaux 04-03-2000 Download
Phoenix2    Phoenix, AZ TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
Portland    Portland, OR Tom Good 07-17-2000 Download
Reno    Reno, NV Jim McCarthy - Download
SaltLake    Salt Lake City, UT TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
SDiego    San Diego, CA TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
Seattle    Seattle, WA TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
Seattle2    Seattle, WA (alternate) Chris Altwegg - Download

Central States

File Contents Author Date Link
Austin    Austin, TX TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
Dallas    Dallas, TX TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
Denver    Denver, CO Restaurant Guide Frank E. Smith 10-22-1999 Download
Houston    Houston, TX Ed Lee 03-03-2000 Download
NwMexico    New Mexico, NM TealPoint Software - Download

Midwest States

File Contents Author Date Link
Chicago    Chicago, IL TealPoint Software - Download
ChgoCafe    Chicago, IL Cafes Payton Chung 05-23-2000 Download
ChgoRest    Chicago, IL Restaurant Guide Payton Chung 05-23-2000 Download
Clevland    Cleveland, OH Geoff Rapp - Download
Columbus    Columbus Metro Wayne Lam 07-01-2003 Download
Indpolis    Indianapolis, IN Christian P. Fordham - Download
KansCity    Kansas City, MO William Legge 10-30-2000 Download
Milwauke    Milwaukee, WI Joe Duehmig 06-10-1999 Download
Mneaplis    Minneapolis, MN TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
StLouis    St. Louis, MO TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download

Northeast States

File Contents Author Date Link
westmass    Western Mass. 1 Rob Barnett 04-29-2002 Download
Boston    Boston, MA Restaurant Guide Coco Delgado 11-13-2000 Download
LongIsle    Long Island, New York Restaurant Guide Joseph Fattizzi 08-16-2000 Download
NewYork    New York, NY Restaurant Guide Andrew Ferraro 06-13-2000 Download
Waltham    Waltham, MA Jason Bilsky 05-02-2000 Download

Eastern States

File Contents Author Date Link
AlexanOT    Old Town Alexandria, Virginia C. Damon Hecker 05-16-2000 Download
Baltmore    Baltimore, MD Robert E. Bates - Download
Cary    Cary, NC John A. Toebes, VIII 09-26-1999 Download
Greensbo    Greensboro, NC James L. Ng - Download
Philadel    Philadelphia, PA Eric Eisenstein - Download
Raleigh    Raleigh/Durham, NC James L. Ng - Download
DC    Washington DC Alex Fisken - Download
WashDC    Washington DC (alt) Andrew Faiola - Download
CheapDC    Washington DC Cheap Eats Restaurant Guide Washingtonian Magazine, compiled by C. Damon Hecker. Used with permission. 10-02-2000 Download
DCBars    Washington DC Bar Guide Boss 12-28-2000 Download

Southern States

File Contents Author Date Link
AthensGa    Athens, GA Mark Toomey - Download
Atlanta    Atlanta, GA TealPoint Software - Download
Memphis    Memphis, TN Mark Ammend 04-07-2000 Download
Miami    Miami, FL TealPoint Software - Download
NOrleans    New Orleans, LA Chris Barrilleaux - Download
NOrlean2    New Orleans, LA (alternate) Richard B. Mitchell - Download
Orlando    Orlando, FL TealPoint Software 08-14-2001 Download
Sunrise    Sunrise, FL Richard Bucker - Download

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