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Below are links to various utilities, documents, and source code archives, made available to support fellow developers in the PalmOS handheld community. These are made available to enhance compatibility, and to aid in the creation of folios, documents, drivers, and companion programs for our software product line.

Public File Specification TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.00 March 20, 2004 Free
Public files, supported by TealPoint TICL apps, define a new simple standard for creating and handling interchangable files under PalmOS, and for transparently storing and using PC-format (.jpg, .txt, .gif ) files in RAM on a PalmOS device.

We are posting this proposal in the hopes that this standard will be adopted by other developers in the PalmOS community, improving file sharing capability between PalmOS devices and desktop PCs.

Download the Public File Format Doc (pdf format)

TealAgent Dev Kit TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.00 November 31, 2000 Free
Interested in making your own plug-in task templates for TealAgent desktop? Download the TealAgent Developer's Kit (Version 1.00), containing example source files and documentation. Additional plugins can be added externally to the PC-interface only. TealAgent's handheld task manager cannot currently control add-on templates.

TealInfo Dev Kit TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
4.10 May 29, 2002 Free
Need help making a folios? Download the TealInfo Developer's Kit, containing example source files for folios and the latest converter/unconverter utility program.
Windows (4.50) MkTlInfo runs on PC computers with a command line interface in a Windows DOS box.
Linux (4.00) MkTlInfo Linux runs on PC computers under Linux.
Mac (4.50) MkTlInfo Mac runs on Macintosh computers and comes with both 68000 and PowerPC flavors. Warning: the interface is straightforward but definitely very un-Mac.
Amiga (3.11) MkTlInfo Amiga runs on Amiga 68000 computers with an AmigaDOS command line interface.

TealMeal Dev Kit TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.00 December 1, 2000 Free
Want to develop your own converter programs? Download the TealMeal Developer's Package, containing source code for the TealMeal Converter programs.

Download mealdev.zip TealMeal Dev Pack Version 1.00

TealPrint Driver Developer's Kit TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.05 March 26, 2000 Free
Instructions and sample Source code for creating a custom TealPrint printer driver. Sample 'c' language source code handles text or graphics and both serial and infared communication.

Download PDRIVDEV.ZIP Printer driver developer docs

TealPrint Application Developer's Kit TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.05 March 28, 2000 Free
Instructions, examples, and include files for adding TealPrint support to a third-party application.

Download PRINTDEV.ZIP TealPrint Application Developer Docs

TealPaint Utility Source Code TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
4.0 Mar 5, 2000 Free
Want to write a compatible utility program or add TealPaint image reading/writing capabilities to your application? Download C Source code for PicUtil, the simple command line image import/export utility. Also includes documentation on using TealPaint as an external editor for image databases in TealPaint format.

Download PAINTDEV.ZIP TealPaint Import/Export Conversion Utility

TealDoc Developer Info TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
- July 7, 2004 Free
Read the TealDoc Launch Commands Document for instructions on how to launch TealDoc from your application to display a specified document, search for text, and optionally return back to the calling program.

Updated July 7, 2004 to include new standard calling conventions to be used in all future apps.

TealMaster Developer Info TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
- November 22, 2002 Free
Read the TealMaster PalmOS 5 Compatibility Document for instructions on how to make sure your hack application can run under PalmOS 5 hack emulation in TealMaster.

Read the TealMaster Launch Commands Document for instructions on how to manipulate hacks in TealMaster from an external application

TealMovie Developer Info TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
- November 21, 2001 Free
Read the TealMovie Launch Commands Document for instructions on how to launch TealMovie from your application to play movies and sound files.

TealInstall Palm OS Installer TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.22 September 19, 2005 Free

A tool for developers of Palm Software and data files, TealInstall is a complete Windows installation program for easy distribution and installation of Palm-format program and data files. Not intended to be an application for end users, TealInstall supports installation of both individual files, specified by pathname, or of files bundled with the Installer executable for simple one-file download and installation. TealInstall can also be called from the command line to install specific files to specific users as part of a batch operation. Best of all, TealInstall is free for distribution with shareware and freeware applications and data. For corporate or commercial use, contact our corporate services department for site licensing information.

Download TEALINST.ZIP TealInstall installer for Windows

Bitmap to Icon Converter TM
Version Date Shareware Fee
1.0 June 16, 2000 Free
Simple command line utility for making tAIB resources on a PC. Supports creating combination monochrome/color icon resources.

Download BMP2AIB.ZIP Bitmap to Icon Converter

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